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The US Embassy In London Just Publicly Defied Trump In Response To His London Mayor Attack

The US Embassy In London Just Publicly Defied Trump In Response To His London Mayor Attack

When the news broke of yesterday’s tragic terrorist attacks in London in which seven people were killed, President Trump took to Twitter to publicly attack London’s Muslim mayor.

Instead of offering condolences and promises of support, Trump accused Mayor Sadiq Khan of not taking the attacks seriously – and by implication, that Khan was attempting to enable the terrorists because he himself is a Muslim.

Such a deplorable response to the mayor of the capital city of our closest ally who is merely trying to keep the public calm in a time of crisis prompted the United States’ chargé d’affaires ad interim at the Embassy in London, Lewis Lukens, to override the President’s insultingly inflammatory remarks with a message that makes it clear who the real leader in this situation is.

Of course, the chargé d’affaires had to make the statement, because 135 days into his administration, our lazy and incompetent President has not formally nominated nor had confirmed an ambassador to our nation’s closest foreign partner.  

Trump did announce that he will be naming Woody Johnson as ambassador to the UK, yet another unqualified billionaire whose biggest achievements include inheriting enormous sums of money, donating some of that money to Trump’s campaign, and running the New York Jets into the ground. But no action has been taken so far to actually get him the job.

It’s deeply humiliating that our diplomatic corps now have to contradict and apologize for the behavior of the President as if he were a misbehaved child again and again. Trump nihilistically exploits every tragedy for his own political goals, no matter the damage that it would do to our foreign relations or the safety of our citizens.

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We applaud Lewis Lukens for daring to defy the President and sincerely apologize to the world for the behavior of our toddler-in-chief.

Add your name to the millions demanding the President stop using tax dollars for indulgences. MAKE TRUMP PAY HIS OWN WAY!

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