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Trump Is Set To Announce His Infrastructure Plan. There’s Just One Major Problem…

Trump Is Set To Announce His Infrastructure Plan. There’s Just One Major Problem…

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The White House, desperately needing to produce some kind of tangible results to show the American people after 136 days of scandal and controversy, has declared this week to be “infrastructure week.”

Trump is all set to roll out his promised $1 trillion infrastructure plan to repair our nation’s ageing waterways, roads, bridges, and tunnels. He’s scheduled to deliver a speech on the Ohio River to emphasize his commitment to our infrastructure and has invited a group of mayors and governors to hold a discussion on ways to implement the plan.

But there’s just one problem, as the New York Times sardonically noted:

Despite the public push to promote the infrastructure package, [Director of the National Economic Council] Mr. Cohn acknowledged that the White House did not have a detailed proposal ready to release.

What the president will offer instead over the coming days, his advisers said, are the contours of a plan.

Apart from a plan to privatize the air-traffic controllers that was announced today – which itself is “largely” based on a bill that was written last year by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) – the White House has absolutely no idea what it’s planning on doing and how they’re going to pay for it.

But that’s not stopping them from rolling out the cameras and the red carpet for photo-ops and speeches, knowing that merely putting on a good show is all that Trump’s diehard supporters require.

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Behind the curtain is an uninterested president with no ideological convictions beyond the fulfillment of his personal desires and vendettas, a staff of warring ideologues whose incompetence is matched only by their radicalism, and a Republican body politic that has been so consumed with nihilistic contrarianism that they’ve lost all conception of how to govern.

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In all likelihood, the “infrastructure bill” is nothing but a mirage used to fool viewers into believing he’s getting something done, just like his “tax bill” that doesn’t exist.

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This administration is shaping up to be the least productive in decades, if not centuries. All the heartfelt promises of tremendous change and historic reform will amount to nothing at the hands of this team. Trump is truly the reality television president – insofar as his “reality” exists solely on a television screen.

Add your name to the millions demanding the President stop using tax dollars for indulgences. MAKE TRUMP PAY HIS OWN WAY!

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