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Nation’s Top Law Firms Just Revealed The Real Reason They Won’t Defend Trump In Russia Probe

Nation’s Top Law Firms Just Revealed The Real Reason They Won’t Defend Trump In Russia Probe

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The stench of corruption wafts heavy over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While those already stuck inside the administration dig in their heels, determined to go down with the regime, those not yet caught in Trump’s black hole are keeping their distance.

The administration has found it increasingly difficult to fill prominent vacant positions including FBI Director and White House Communications Director, jobs which would normally be highly sought after. Now, it’s been revealed that Trump is struggling to even retain proper lawyer services.

Four top law firms have refused to defend Trump against the Russia collusion investigation, Yahoo News reports.

Five different sources confirmed the story to Yahoo, stating that the law firms in question believed Trump would ignore their counsel, as he often ignores his closest advisors, preferring instead to stumble into one self-destructive blunder after another. The firms feared that they’d be unable to convince Trump to follow a more appropriate, reserved course and that in turn, they’d end up looking incompetent.

“The concerns were, ‘The guy won’t pay and he won’t listen,’” one lawyer told Yahoo. He also explained that the firms believed Trump would tarnish their names, and make it more difficult to hire talented lawyers in the future. They also feared clients might drop them if they associated with the disgraced president. Trump is toxic, and they had no interest in polluting their brands.

Trump’s refusal to heed informed counsel is proving a hindrance for the White House as it prepares to do battle in the public sphere against special prosecutor Robert Mueller. The Russia investigation is starting to heat up, and the only prominent lawyer Trump has been able to recruit is Marc E. Kasowitz, a long-time friend and legal collaborator. Whether he will be enough to push back on the tide rising against Trump remains to be seen, but things are looking worse and worse for the president.

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