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Trump Just Drew Awkward Laughs With An Ominous Joke About Jared Kushner

Trump Just Drew Awkward Laughs With An Ominous Joke About Jared Kushner

Sitting before reporters today at a table of White House advisors and Congressional leaders, Trump caused a wave of uncomfortable laughter while gesturing to his advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. (Video below.)

Currently embroiled in numerous controversies and accused of both using his public office for personal financial gain and seeking a secret channel to the Kremlin to evade U.S. law, Kushner has gained plenty of notoriety lately. Naturally, the last thing anyone associated with the Trump and Kushner families or the scandal-plagued White House would want is to call more attention to his unwanted fame.

Anyone, that is, except for Donald Trump.

“Jared has actually become much more famous than me — I’m a little upset at that,” Trump told the room, drawing obligatory if awkward laughter from his yes-men (the one woman seen in the room did not laugh).

The palpable discomfort in the room certainly came in part from the situation Trump had put Kushner in, but also from concern that he may have been completely joking.

It’s no secret that Trump likes to be the center of attention. In April, sources close to him revealed that he was very displeased by the attention advisor and noted white supremacist Steve Bannon was getting, and Trump made the exact same joke about FBI Director James Comey weeks before firing him.

If Trump is truly unhappy with Kushner, he’ll find himself in good company — even if it is for the wrong reasons. The problem is, if he turns his ire on his son-in-law, he’ll have to invent a new excuse to replace the usual “resigning to spend more time with my family.”

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Maybe nepotism isn’t such a good idea after all. Sad.

Add your name to millions demanding Trump’s son-in-law cannot harm U.S. interests. REVOKE JARED KUSHNER’S SECURITY CLEARANCE!

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