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Corey Lewandowski Just Gave A Pathetic Explanation For Trump’s ‘Loyalty Pledge’

Corey Lewandowski Just Gave A Pathetic Explanation For Trump’s ‘Loyalty Pledge’

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Corey Lewandowski has been by Trump’s side since day-one of this misguided chapter in American politics.  As the first manager of his campaign, Lewandowski was there as Trump infamously descended the escalators of Trump Tower to officially launch his campaign.  He was there as Trump wrapped-up primary season and prepared for the Republican Convention.

He even stood by Trump after he was replaced by Paul Manafort as campaign manager and ultimately fired from the campaign altogether when Manafort tried to moderate Trump and make him more palatable for the general election. The distractions caused by Lewandowski’s disgraceful treatment of a reporter didn’t help his cause, either.

And now, as Trump finds himself in the middle of the worst week of his presidency, when Republicans who never really had his back are starting to crack under the weight of former FBI Director James Comey’s looming testimony tomorrow – Corey Lewandowski is still there, in his corner, sticking up for his patron when the whole world seems to be against him.

FOX News invited him to appear on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” this evening to defend the President against the damning release of the statement Comey is expected to give tomorrow under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Specifically, everyone wanted to know whether or not a particular detail in Comey’s statement, that Trump demanded a “pledge of loyalty” from him, were true.

Trump reportedly demands pledges of loyalty from everyone who works for him, so his longtime aide is the perfect person to ask.

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Lewandowski didn’t challenge Comey’s assertion that the pledge was requested of him by the President.  Instead, he offered an alternative twist on the report.

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“Look, what the President asked for was loyalty to the country,” Lewandowski insisted to host Tucker Carlson.  “Loyalty to make sure that the American people have the justice system that they want.  That’s not unheard of.  That’s not uncalled for.”

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What the what?

Lewandoski continued to contort himself into equally pretzel-like positions on other aspects of Comey’s statement, like why Attorney General Jeff Sessions might have been asked to leave the room while Trump had this conversation with Comey.  But if FOX News’ primetime ratings are any indication, his desperate defense is falling on non-existent ears.

Say what you will about Corey Lewandowski, but he’s no fair-weather Trump fan.  If his presidency were the Titanic, he’d be leading the orchestra on the deck as everyone else scurried for the life boats.

You can see Lewandowski’s entire, um, ‘defense’ of President Trump below.

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