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Georgia Republican Candidate Just Admitted What She REALLY Thinks About Her Voters

Georgia Republican Candidate Just Admitted What She REALLY Thinks About Her Voters

In ordinary times, a Republican congressional candidate would never allow herself to say aloud that poor people with full-time jobs do not deserve enough money to survive (video below), especially in a televised debate two weeks before Election Day.

These are not ordinary times.

In a debate last night on Atlanta’s WSB-TV, Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel were asked if they supported a minimum wage increase.

Ossoff began with a direct answer — “yes” — and a thoughtful explanation about the need to take all parties into account while maintaining basic standards of living for individuals who work 40 hours per week. It was the kind of answer that embodies how a young Democrat could be leading the polls in a district long thought to be a lock for Republicans.

Finding herself in a hole, Handel made the inexplicable choice to keep on digging. Despite the fact that the term “living wage” (coined by progressive trailblazer Teddy Roosevelt) was never uttered, Handel could not help voicing opposition to the basic survival of the working poor.

“This is an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative,” Handel said. “I do not support a livable wage.”

While the statement may be heartless, she hit on one of the few things all sides should be able to agree on. That is a fundamental difference between the parties right now, and it give the people of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and across America a clear choice in coming elections. Democrats will fight to ensure people can survive and thrive across the economic spectrum, while Republicans are only interested in those who are already rich.

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Georgia voters have taken notice, and it’s a clear indication of the massive electoral shift taking place.

The Georgia special election is June 20, and you can support Jon Ossoff today at

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