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Trump Just Firebombed A Syrian City In Violation Of International Law

Trump Just Firebombed A Syrian City In Violation Of International Law

The following images and video are terrifying displays of destruction that one is used to seeing from rebel-held areas of Syria as bombs from Russian aircraft illegally pounding civilian areas with deadly munitions whose use in civilian areas is banned by international treaty.

But these bombs are from American coalition planes.

President Trump’s increasingly reckless efforts to destroy Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) have taken a deeply disturbing turn. It appears that US coalition jets are indiscriminately firebombing the defacto Daesh “capital” city of Raqqa, where thousands of civilians are trapped by the terrorist group as human shields, with white phosphorous incendiary bombs in violation of the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

White phosphorous munitions kills not only with intense burns and smoke inhalation but also organ failure from absorption of phosphorous. Local activists say nearly 700 civilians have died since the liberation campaign has begun, thanks to overzealous US bombing.


The Syrian Democratic Forces have encircled the city are preparing for the tough house-by-house, street-by-street battle that will inevitably have to take place before the city can be fully liberated.

The United States’ disregard for civilian casualties and cavalier use of unnecessarily dramatic weaponry is just setting the foundations for the next radical group to come along and replace Daesh, flying a different black flag and blaming the United States for the destruction, the deaths, and the mutilations of the injured. President Trump and his Pentagon has a lot to answer for.

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