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A Senator Just Torched Lying Trump In The Best Way

A Senator Just Torched Lying Trump In The Best Way

One of the best things that can be said about Donald Trump is that he’s utterly failed to deliver on his campaign promises.

For most politicians this would be a bad thing, but with how regressive Trump’s proposed policies are, the country is much better off with his continued failure. The border wall, Obamacare repeal, absurd tax cuts, and Muslim ban are just a taste of his toxic agenda.

He’s also been unable to bring jobs back to struggling sectors, a failure which can’t be celebrated but must be pointed out.

The Hill reports Democratic Senator Kristen Gillibrand just used strong language to mock Trump’s inability to deliver on his promises.

“Has he kept any of these promises? No. F*ck no,” said Gillibrand at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City.


While such language would be surprising under normal political conditions, it seems almost tame when compared to some of things Trump said on the campaign trail, including his crude boasts about sexual assault on the infamous Access Hollywood bus tape.

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Gillibrand’s comments were made playfully, but they also give voice to the overwhelming frustration many Americans feel with the buffoon currently living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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