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Here’s How Trump Is Ending “Infrastructure Week”

Here’s How Trump Is Ending “Infrastructure Week”

NBC News reports that Trump is jetting off to his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey in what will be his 24th vacation since taking office 140 days ago. Trump has spent 8 of his 21 weekends as President on vacation.

It’s now rote to point out that Trump was a vocal critic of President Obama’s far less frequent golf outings, but that doesn’t change the flagrant hypocrisy on display:

Trump’s decision to abdicate his responsibilities for the weekend comes as the Middle East devolves into an increasingly fraught state. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has condemned the Saudi Arabia led blockage of Qatar, while Trump has endorsed it. The two of them somehow can’t manage something as simple as dictating a unified foreign policy. So rather than resolve the issue, Trump is reaching for his 9 iron.

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The issue is compounded when one considers that not only is Trump shirking his responsibilities for a round of eighteen, but taxpayers are footing the bill. Between Bedminster and his garish Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump has racked up $26 million in luxury travel expenses. At this point, he should just resign and spend all his time golfing.

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