Trump Just Humiliated Himself In Press Conference With Romanian President

President Trump has just held a press conference with Klaus Iohannis, the President of Romania, and almost immediately humiliated himself and his administration.

Launching into a diatribe about terrorism and how countries must end the funding of terrorism, Trump congratulated himself and the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism, Saudi Arabia, for isolating and blockading the nation of Qatar over admittedly reasonable accusations of funding terror organizations.

Qatar is home to the US Air Force’s largest Middle Eastern military base and is home to some 25,000 Americans, so one would think that Trump would be a tad more careful in his approach the unfolding crisis in the Gulf.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson obviously thinks so, because not an hour earlier he called for the blockade to be lifted. “I call on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to ease the blockade against Qatar” said Tillerson at the State Department this morning.

But Trump apparently doesn’t care whether or not his administration is sending mixed messages because he fell over himself in his efforts to praise “his friend” King Salman, showing the world that if you roll out the red carpet for Trump, he’ll eat from your hand.

Trump then went on to spend several minutes congratulating himself for a “historic” meeting in the Middle East where he addressed 50 “Arab and Muslim” heads of state, a meeting that had had no equal and “might never happen again,” while praising his “friend” King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

He topped it all off with a bizarre show with the media, where he pouted while considering whether or not to take a question from the “fake news” media, mournfully wishing for when they were “so nice to him” before he started running for office.