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Trump’s Treasury Pick Just Got Busted Lying About An Ivy League Degree

Trump’s Treasury Pick Just Got Busted Lying About An Ivy League Degree

Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Joseph Otting, has misrepresented his education, the latest in a string of Trump’s picks to do so.

Otting had claimed that he holds a degree from the “School of Credit and Financial Management at Dartmouth College.” Dartmouth, an Ivy League university of New Hampshire, denies not only that Otting was a student, but that such a school exists in the first place.

“Joseph Otting is not a Dartmouth graduate,” said university spokeswoman Diana Lawrence. “Dartmouth does not have a School of Credit and Financial Management.”

The program to which Otting was referring is actually a four-week certificate program provided by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), a Maryland-based nonprofit that “certifies professionals in the credit management field with a continuing education course” that, for a period of time, was offered on the Dartmouth Campus.

Otting, if confirmed, would be the first comptroller in decades without an advanced degree.

Most recently, Sheriff Clarke, tapped to serve as assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, was accused of plagiarizing his master’s thesis on homeland security. Monica Crowley, nominated for a communications post in the national security council, plagiarized her PhD thesis and a book. Neil Gorsuch, Betsy DeVos, and even Melania Trump have also been plagued by accusations of plagiarism.

Despite Trump’s assurances that, if elected, he would choose the “best people” to serve in his administration, Otting is just the latest in a long line of nominees who have lied or plagiarized their academic credentials. The fact that so many of these people have lied – including the Secretary of Education herself – is an embarrassment to our country and an insult to those whose hard work was stolen without credit. In a way, it is almost fitting that Trump – who has taken credit for many of Barack Obama’s successes since becoming President – would surround himself with people who have skirted by on the backs of others.

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