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Ex Twitter CEO Just Revealed What Meeting Trump Is REALLY Like

Ex Twitter CEO Just Revealed What Meeting Trump Is REALLY Like

The relationship between the Trump administration and the leaders of Silicon Valley has never been great. Outside of former PayPal founder Peter Theil, most Silicon Valley luminaries supported Hillary Clinton, and most fervently oppose Trump’s immigration policies that have severely restricted their companies’ ability to bring in talented foreign tech talent on H1B visas.

Now, Dick Costolo, the former CEO of the President’s favorite social media weapon, Twitter, has used his platform to let the world know what’s like to sit in a meeting with the man entrusted to lead our nation.

Responding to a report on Buzzfeed that Trump had set up a meeting with leading venture capitalists and entrepreneurs from the Valley to discuss emerging technology, Costolo tweeted this consoling message to those who were not invited to attend:

Wow, Costolo just came up with the perfect description of what it feels like to even be in the same country as Donald Trump. Imagine having to be in the same room with someone who has no idea of what you or he is talking about, yet who still has the power to affect how you run your business and live your life.

While I’m sure that Trump and his Republican cronies will disagree (except perhaps for John McCain, who actually endured it), waterboading is torture, as is having to listen to an ignorant, pompous, lying buffoon.

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