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A Violent Fight Just Broke Out At “March Against Sharia” Protest

A Violent Fight Just Broke Out At “March Against Sharia” Protest

At today’s ill-conceived “March Against Sharia” in Seattle, organized by ACT For America, an ultra right-wing organization designated as an anti-Muslim group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, things took a violent turn when protestors clashed with counter-protestors.

This anti-Sharia protest, schedule to take place in over 20 cities, is supposedly taking place to “stop against the spread of Sharia Law into the United States.” Demonstrators claim to be “in support of basic human rights for all.”

“We are not anti-Muslim,” said one speaker in Seattle. “We are anti-radical Muslim.” Meanwhile, those in attendance chanted, “Muslims are not welcome here!”

In New York City, the protest was met with fierce resistance, as over 200 counter-protestors completely drowned out the hateful rhetoric of the marchers using bullhorns and noisemakers.

In the last year, hate crimes against Muslims have risen a staggering 67 percent, a figure that has been attributed to the rise of Donald Trump. On the campaign trail, Trump said that “Islam hates us,” and has tried twice – both times unsuccessfully – to implement a ban on Muslims entering the country.

As the extreme right tries to hide behind the guise of “basic human rights” while exercising their detestable acts, they will always be outnumbered by those fighting against the forces of hate.

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