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Trump Just Delayed His Visit To Britain For The Most Pathetic Reason

Trump Just Delayed His Visit To Britain For The Most Pathetic Reason

The United Kingdom has been America’s closest ally for decades, but that special relationship has grown very rocky in recent months thanks to the atrocious behavior of President Donald Trump.

Demonstrating once more that protecting his hypersensitive ego is more important than our nation’s foreign policy concerns, Trump has reportedly decided to delay his much-hyped trip to the United Kingdom because there will be massive protests awaiting his arrival, according to British officials with knowledge of his phone call with Prime Minister Theresa May.

The British public’s already poor opinion of racist, sexist, and ignorant Trump has gotten even worse since Trump has gone out of his way to trash our North Atlantic ally.

His widely publicized and resoundingly condemned Twitter attacks against London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan in the wake of last week’s terror attack did little to help his public image; his incomprehensible decision to accuse the United Kingdom of colluding with President Obama to wiretap Trump Tower during the election without any evidence also infuriated British citizens and politicians alike.

The White House has denied that any changes have been made Trump’s plans, which is very easy for them to do since they haven’t even set a date yet for the trip to the UK.

Incapable of accepting the consequences of his actions, Trump is trying to run away instead of facing the music once again. Just a few months ago, Trump was demanding that he receive a ride in the Queen’s golden carriage when he arrived; now he’s busy battling embarrassing leaks from government officials in other countries.

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It is truly remarkable how far he’s fallen in just a few weeks.

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