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This Republican Senator Was Just Asked About Obamacare Repeal. His Response Is Disgusting

This Republican Senator Was Just Asked About Obamacare Repeal. His Response Is Disgusting

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While the escalating investigation into Trump’s Russia connections dominates the news cycle, the disastrous Trumpcare bill slumps along quietly in the shadows of the Senate. Republicans unilaterally jammed the monstrous legislation through the House and are now trying to cobble together a Frankenstein version that can pass through the upper chamber.

Politico reports that when questioned about the state of the Obamacare repeal, Republican Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn gave a ludicrous comparison:

“It’s like having a baby. It’s not here yet, but it’s coming,” said Cornyn in reference to Trumpcare.

The statement only makes sense if one presumes that Cornyn means Rosemary’s baby. This grotesque, ill-intentioned piece of legislation will strip insurance from 23 million Americans. And – just as a new baby ushers in a deluge of new financial obligations – so too would Trumpcare cause healthcare costs to skyrocket.

Low income, elderly Americans could see their premiums jump from $1,700 to $13,600.

Cornyn’s off the cuff comment is especially callous when one considers that 9.6 million single mothers – people who know what it’s like to actually have a baby – will be put at risk of losing health insurance under Trumpcare. Planned Parenthood will also lose its ability to use federal funding for family planning

The GOP is hoping to get the CBO score for its version of the bill and subsequently immediately vote before the details can be dissected and a competent opposition mobilized. They’re aiming for a June vote, but insiders admit that the deadline may have to be pushed back if current difficulties persist.

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The Republicans need a simple majority to pass Trumpcare. They hold 52 of 100 Senate seats, but any change to the legislation to cater to one specific interest group within the party risks alienating a different group. It’s a shifting mosaic of Republican infighting, and there’s still no clear path forward. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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