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This Republican Just Gave The Dumbest Excuse For Banning Press From Capitol Hallways

This Republican Just Gave The Dumbest Excuse For Banning Press From Capitol Hallways

The Republicans in the Senate are gleefully working to strip healthcare from 23 million Americans by reworking the House’s indefensible Trumpcare bill. The worst part is that they know what they’re doing is actively harmful and vicious, so much so that they’re conducting themselves with zero transparency.

No versions of the new bill have been shared with the public, and as of today, the GOP is cracking down on reporters.  Reporters have been told that they can no longer film interviews with senators in the Capitol building hallways:

Further restrictions were also released:

The new rules are a cowardly attack on the fair and open press. Government must be held accountable, and that can’t happen if they’re permitted to labor in darkness.

According to a Buzzfeed reporter, Republican Senator Tim Scott just gave the most absurd defense of the crackdown:

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It seems Scott wants to restrict reporters’ access because he suspects some of them may secretly be arch-criminals looking to steal his bank balance.

A reporter for HuffPost couldn’t help but point out some additional irony:

So not only are the reporters honorable, non-thieving individuals, but the Republican head of the Senate Intelligence Committee can’t even be trusted with his own ATM card. Trump’s lackeys are at the point where their activities are so egregious that there is simply no way for them to mount a plausible defense for their decisions.

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When an agenda is absurd, so too must be its justifications.

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