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Trump Just Attacked Hillary Clinton And Asked For An Apology In A Bizarre Twitter Rant

Trump Just Attacked Hillary Clinton And Asked For An Apology In A Bizarre Twitter Rant

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If the job of President of the United States is to constantly undermine one’s own credibility through unhinged Twitter rants, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be more fit for the job than Donald J. Trump.

He began this morning with a generalic tweet that almost seemed to parody himself, a substance-free attack on the media with a patented DJT finish.

You can almost see him scrolling through old drafts for that one. But the tweeter of the free world had a surprise in store. For his next trick, the President did something no one ever expected.

He tweeted something true:

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The 9th Circuit did strike down the ban, it was expected (because revoking unconstitutional measures is one of its primary jobs), this is a dangerous time (thanks in no small part to the tweeter himself), and S.C. — which either means Supreme Court or Screwing Country and is accurate either way.

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Just when we thought Trump might be finding his footing, he went off the deep end:

Trump accused former Attorney General Loretta Lynch of committing a crime on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The recklessly irresponsible accusation would be unprecedented from the President of the United States had he not previously accused President Obama of wiretapping him (with zero evidence).

Sadly, no one expects responsibility from this president anymore, and there are two elements of this tweet that are even more telling. First, the president is still so plagued by the demons of an election that he won, he can’t help embarrassing himself by complaining about it first thing in the morning.

Second, Trump implies a relevance to his own situation by burying it in the middle of tweets about his own unfair treatment. He seems to be saying they broke the law for political purposes and got away with it, why are you trying to hold me accountable for illegal activity? This is too vaguely worded to hold up in a court of law, but it does provide insight into Trump’s psyche and how he is processing his own crimes.

For his finale, the President threw himself a pity party and invited all of us.

Yes, Trump — who may have done more to damage our country than any single American in our lifetimes — would like an apology. Unfortunately for him, after trying to steal healthcare from 23 million Americans, enrich his billionaire buddies on the backs of working families through a cruel budget, and humiliating our nation at every turn, he is not likely to get it.


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