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Mitch McConnell Just Gave The Worst Response To Today’s Shooting

Mitch McConnell Just Gave The Worst Response To Today’s Shooting

Like many lawmakers, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took the podium this afternoon to offer remarks about today’s senseless shooting.  The Republican senator was deliberate in his expressions of solidarity and concern for the victims, and in his praise for the Capital Police.  He even found time to laud the President for his response earlier in the day.

But his statement will be remembered for what he didn’t say.  Not once did the Senate’s top Republican mention the words “shooting,” or “gun,” or “gun violence,” let alone make any pleas for sanity regarding gun laws.

This shill for the gun lobby wasn’t willing to get within a mile of at least one of the central issues at the root of today’s tragedy.  No one expected Michael Moore, but is an acknowledgement of the actual crime too much to ask?  Isn’t he the head of the party that said President Obama’s refusal to use the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism made it impossible to confront the root causes of ISIS-inspired acts of terror?

Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges once wrote, “Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence.” Mitch McConnell would have been wise to heed those words today.

You can hear his entire statement below.

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