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A Tea Partier Just Blamed ‘The Left’ For Today’s Shooting. Here’s What He Said About Hillary

A Tea Partier Just Blamed ‘The Left’ For Today’s Shooting. Here’s What He Said About Hillary

Today, a tragic scene unfolded during a Republican baseball practice in which a man shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), a congressional staffer, and members of the Capitol police force in Alexandria, Virginia. Joe Walsh, a former Tea Party Congressman from Illinois, weighed in with a very characteristic comment.

While Walsh seems to ultimately settle on a pacifying tone in the aftermath of a Republican lawmaker getting shot, here is what the former Congressman said leading up to the 2016 election.

Walsh didn’t seem to think twice about inciting violence when it was against “the Left.” However, now that a Republican is on the receiving end of yet another instance of senseless violence, “How about we stop all this?” suddenly the new rallying cry.

Walsh also decried Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia, for calling for sensible gun legislation, so that another attack like this will be more difficult to commit.

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He made no mention, however, of the fact that Scalise, along with 229 other Republicans in Congress, voted to repeal the rule restricting gun sales to the severely mentally ill. Only two Republicans voted against the repeal.

Just weeks ago, following the terror attack in London, Trump published his own misguided tweet pointing to the fact that we are “not having a gun debate right now… because [the terrorists] used knives and a truck!” What Trump failed to recognize is the fact that the attack could very well have been worse had the attacker had as easy access to guns as we have in the United States.

Amidst this senseless tragedy, Walsh’s hypocrisy is not only glaringly transparent but wholly offensive; statements like his are the reason people turn to violence so willingly. Luckily, he is no longer in any position of power to have his voice heard beyond his anemic Twitter account.

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