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Mike Pence’s Lawyer’s Ties To Russia Were Just Exposed

Mike Pence’s Lawyer’s Ties To Russia Were Just Exposed

Washington D.C. is the lawyer capital of the world – by a long shot.  With a whopping 7.2 lawyers per 1000 residents, the D.C. metro area is home to nearly twice as many lawyers per capita than second place New York City, with just 3.6.

So you’d think the Vice President of the United States, of all people, could find decent legal counsel  He should be able to retain counsel from a firm with, say, no conspicuous associations that could raise red flags in the ongoing investigation into collusion and obstruction of justice by the Trump campaign and Trump White House, right?

It appears not.  Of all the firms in and around the nation’s capital to choose from, Vice President Mike Pence settled on McGuireWoods, a fine Virginia institution tracing its roots back over 180 years, but with one with an interesting client list.

“The Vice President has retained Richard Cullen of McGuireWoods to assist him in responding to inquiries by the special counsel,” a Pence spokesman told The Washington Post.  Cullen is the Chairman of McGuireWoods and a senior litigation partner, and he’s got quite a resume, including stints as the Attorney General of Virginia and counsel to President Reagan during the Iran Contra Affair.

There’s just one problem, especially for someone under investigation for colluding with Russia and then participating in a cover-up to obstruct that investigation.

“McGuireWoods’ lawyers have been active in Eurasia since the mid 1980s — providing legal and consulting services to entrepreneurs, investors (both foreign and domestic), multinationals and government clients.”

“Eurasia,” in case you’re wondering, is a geopolitical shorthand for “Russia and the countries and peoples on or near the traditionally accepted border separating Europe and Asia.”

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If Russia’s ultimate goal was to infiltrate our politics, then mission accomplished.

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