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Ivanka Trump Just Humiliated Her Dad On Father’s Day

Ivanka Trump Just Humiliated Her Dad On Father’s Day

Despite the fact that Donald Trump rang in Father’s Day with a characteristic slew of self-congratulatory tweets, Ivanka did a better job remembering the holiday—although she embarrassed her father in the process.

While she tweeted a message to her husband, Jared Kushner, she conveniently left out any mention of her actual father on Father’s Day.

The President, for his part, did little to recognize the holiday altogether, opting instead to celebrate himself.

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While President Trump is quick to reward his family members with jobs in government positions for which they are grossly unqualified, when it comes time for displays of affection in which money or power are not involved, the Trump family becomes suddenly silent. Of course, this is just one more way that they are wholly out of touch with the American people.

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