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Ivanka & Marco Rubio Just Got Caught In A Very Awkward Moment

Ivanka & Marco Rubio Just Got Caught In A Very Awkward Moment

In an administration that is now infamous for humiliating gaffes and painfully awkward scenes that feel like they are straight out of a television sitcom like Seinfeld or VEEP.

But we keep on being treated to more and more awkwardness, and it is a source of much need amusement for a country on edge.

While having everything in life handed to you on a silver platter must be nice, we recognize that it must be hard being Ivanka Trump sometimes. You’d like to be taken seriously as a businesswoman and a Senior White House advisor, but men like your father and U.S. Senators won’t stop pawing at you.

Sen. Marco “Little Marco” Rubio (R-FL) is the latest man to get a little too close to Ivanka, as captured by the Associated Press’s Erica Warner in this supremely uncomfortable photograph:

Twitter immediately erupted in brutal mocking, giving fresh life to the “Robot Rubio” memes of the Republican primary campaign and sympathizing with Ivanka’s clear revulsion at being touched by this spineless little man:

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