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Jimmy Kimmel Just Gave Us A Hilarious Edit Of Trump’s Cuba Announcement

Jimmy Kimmel Just Gave Us A Hilarious Edit Of Trump’s Cuba Announcement

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Last Friday President Donald Trump was in Miami to announce his administration’s policy on Cuba. During the announcement, Trump promised to roll back the rapprochement between the two countries.

Former President Obama ushered in a thawing of tensions between the two after over fifty years of hostility.

During the announcement Trump said:

 “Effective immediately, I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba.”

The President attracted an enthusiastic crowd, most of whom were members of South Florida’s Cuban-American community who had opposed Obama’s policy.

Jimmy Kimmel had a thing or two to say about the announcement, believing this was yet another encounter with drunk Donald Trump.

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Trump seemed a little subdued and slurry during the Cuba speech, a fact Kimmel thinks suggests he may have had one mojito too many.

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The Jimmy Kimmel Show has begun a routine of editing videos that appear to show Donald Trump acting more bellicose than usual, and it’s become a fan favorite.

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Kimmel show then slowed down the announcement, with hilarious results.

Watch the video below:

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