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A Top Senator Just Revealed Flynn Has Flipped On Trump

A Top Senator Just Revealed Flynn Has Flipped On Trump

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Disgraced former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn’s secret foreign missions and legal jeopardy had become an unstanchable bleeding wound for the Trump administration as evidence mounts that he’s cooperating with prosecutors in the Trump Russia probe.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) pointed out that evidence supports Flynn as turning on Trump to CNN.

Reuters reported today that the Special Counsel hired a prosecutor known to flip criminal witnesses to testify against their former friends, with lots of organized crime experience.

Today, House Democrats also released new evidence that Gen. Flynn took an unreported trip to Saudi Arabia in 2015 to work on a U.S.-Russian nuclear energy deal worth $100 billion dollars.

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As a retired General with security clearance, Flynn was required to report all foreign dealings. Furthermore, when General Flynn joined the White House as National Security Advisor, he filled out all manner of security disclosures and didn’t inform the FBI of his numerous foreign paymasters and overseas trips, as required.

A secret memo outlined the ill-fated deal (embedded below) which caused House Oversight Committee Democrats to make this statement:

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“Gen. Flynn failed to disclose these contacts with Saudi or other foreign officials on his security clearance application or during his interview with security clearance investigators,” wrote [Ranking Member Rep. Elijah Cummings and Engel, “which could constitute further violations” of federal law.

Newsweek first uncovered Flynn’s Saudi dealings, which involved another disgraced General James “Hoss” Cartwright, who was convicted of lying to the FBI. Flynn did report a different trip to Saudi Arabia in October 2015 but listed a non-extant hotel in Saudi Arabia and didn’t disclose a mystery companion on that trip.

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It shouldn’t have been news to General Flynn that the Obama Administration wasn’t looking to execute grand partnerships with Russia after sanctioning the country for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and involvement in the downing of a Malaysia Air passenger jet.

However, a consequential Saudi-Russia nuclear deal was actually announced with Rosatom during in September 2016 according to Arabian News, a Dubai-based publisher:

Russia’s Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Cooperation has announced that it is ready to build 16 nuclear power units in Saudi Arabia in a $100 billion deal.

Yury Ushakov, aide to the President of the Russian Federation  outlined the company’s plans for the Gulf kingdom to journalists at a briefing, a statement said. Ushakov said: “There are prospects for cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. The intergovernmental agreement on cooperation between Rosatom and Science City of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, which was signed in June of 2015, is under implementation.

In October 2016 – a month after the deal was announced – Vladimir Putin surprisingly appointed Rosatom’s Sergey Kiriyenko as his First Deputy Chief of Staff, a very powerful position in the Kremlin, in charge of domestic policy. Kiriyenko has a lot of Republican contacts as a former Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin in 1998, namely convicted felon and GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, whose illegal activities led to multiple House Republicans being convicted of crimes just over a decade ago.

Obviously, Russian President Putin placed a great deal of importance on the negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

Republicans complained endlessly that Hillary Clinton – and the heads heads of eight other federal agencies – allowed a Rusatom deal to buy a uranium mine, but all the while, their President’s choice for America’s top national security job was secretly trying to forge a deal with that Russian state-owned firm and the Saudis.

Now, Congress is placing increased emphasis on yet another General Flynn foreign affairs mystery, who President Obama personally warned Trump not to hire as National Security Advisor.

Just a month ago, The Hill reported that Trump was still contacting General Flynn telling him to “stay strong.”

Like every other major Trump initiative or business, his admonishment to General Flynn seems not to have worked at all and instead may have had the opposite effect.

Certainly, this looks like it could be the evidence Senator Whitehouse referred to when saying General Flynn is going to cooperate with prosecutors to take down Donald Trump’s presidency.

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