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Racists Just Desecrated The Memorial For Murdered Muslim Teen

Racists Just Desecrated The Memorial For Murdered Muslim Teen

A Muslim teenager, Nabra Hassanen, was attacked, raped, and murdered last week by 22-year-old Darwin Martinez-Torres in what police are stubbornly calling a “road rage” incident rather than the vicious hate crime it certainly appears to be.

But it appears her memory won’t be given the dignity of resting in peace. Racists have vandalized and burned her memorial in Dupont Circle of Fairfax, Virginia. A 24-year-old, Jonathan Soloman, was arrested in connection with the fire.

Nabra and a group of her friends were walking home from Ramadan prayers on Sunday when one of her friends got into an “argument” with Torres, who got out of his car and attacked Nabra with a baseball bat. He then took her in his truck, assaulted her again, and hid her body in a pond.

But it goes to show how virulent the anti-Islamic energies in the United States have become when grieving friends and family can’t create a public memorial for all to share in the loss of a beautiful young life without it being burned to the ground.

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