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CNN Reporter Just Took On Sean Spicer In Off-Camera Shouting Match [Audio]

CNN Reporter Just Took On Sean Spicer In Off-Camera Shouting Match [Audio]

White House press secretary Sean Spicer held yet another press briefing today in which video recording was banned. CNN’s Jim Acosta, furious over these restrictive new measures, let Spicer know exactly how he felt.

In the exchange, Acosta tries to get Spicer to actually answer the question that was asked of him, but the Press Secretary calls on another reporter instead. Acosta persists, at which point the Spicer says, condescendingly, “There’s no camera on, Jim,” as if Acosta’s desire to have his question answered is simply theatrics for the camera.

“Maybe you should turn the cameras on, Sean. Why don’t we turn the cameras on? Why don’t we turn the cameras on, Sean. They’re in the room, the lights are on.”

Spicer, of course, cowardly moves on to different question by another reporter.

It should come as no surprise that a White House run like a reality show perceives Jim Acosta’s desire to hold them accountable as nothing more than a spectacle. The Trump administration is fast learning that if they want to treat our government like reality television, they’ll be given the same amount of respect as if it is. If Spicer thought his previous on-camera performances were humiliating, his draconian attempts to limit the free press are going to shine a spotlight on him like never before.

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