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Bernie Just Warned Thousands Will Die From Trumpcare. FOX News’ Response Is Disgusting

Bernie Just Warned Thousands Will Die From Trumpcare. FOX News’ Response Is Disgusting

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The looming vote on the Senate’s “BetterCare Reconciliation Act (BCRA), their version of the Affordable Care Act repeal and replace bill, could turn out to be one of the defining moments of the Trump era – for all the worst reasons.

The “repeal and replace” bill actually does neither; it’s more of a gelding procedure than a representation of any conservative innovation. It gets rid of all the great parts about the Affordable Care Act – things like pre-existing coverage, essential health benefit coverage, and the expansion of state Medicaid programs – while repealing all the taxes that paid for the expanded coverage.

The result is that a few hundred of the wealthiest Americans, especially GOP megadonors Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers, will get tens of millions of dollars in tax cuts while fifteen million Americans lose their healthcare next year alone; that number will spike to 22 million by 2026.

Logically, it follows that a wide lack of affordable healthcare will lead to a sharp spike in preventable death. This is confirmed by scientific studies; a recent examination published by the Annals of Internal Medicine determined that 29,000 people will die each year as a result of passing the BCRA.

But that’s apparently all just a big joke to the smiling ghouls at President Trump’s favorite FOX & Friends, who literally began laughing and mocking the prospect of tens of thousands of unpreventable deaths.

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Brian Kilmeade decided this would be a good time to joke that “yeah, and I have here that everyone will die. Did you have that in number two?”

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Smug contempt is all that the millionaires who operate the pulpits at America’s premier conservative propaganda network has for the millions of working-class viewers – and that’s the message they’re sending to President Trump, who watches FOX & Friends religiously and is known to make policy decisions based on their recommendations. 

Nice to know that the channel of pro-life coverage is so amused at the thought of tens of thousands of easily preventable deaths.

Add your name to millions demanding that Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP!

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