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Trump Just Attacked Morning Joe’s ‘Mika.’ Chuck Todd’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Attacked Morning Joe’s ‘Mika.’ Chuck Todd’s Response Is Perfect

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Twitter is ablaze today with responses to Trump’s morning tweet storm targeting MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and the verdict is universal condemnation for the President.

At first the backlash came from the political Left, as you’d expect, with the focus of Trump’s critics centering on both the sheer pettiness of the attack, and the underlying sexism in one particular portion of his tweet where Trump wrote that Mika, “was bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

But soon even Republicans were compelled to make statements criticizing the President.  Conservative congressional leaders like Sen. Lindsay Graham tweeted bluntly, “Mr. President, your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with American politics…”   Speaker of the House Paul Ryan condemned the President when a reporter asked him about the tweets, saying, “Obviously, I don’t see that as an appropriate comment. What we’re trying to do around here is improve the tone and the civility of the debate. And this obviously doesn’t help do that.”

But it took a news man and host of NBC’s Meet the Press Chuck Todd to see the larger issue here and point out the fundamental problem with the President’s recklessness on social media.

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We now have a President who attacks the news, calls any story that is critical fake, is restricting the press’s access to the White House, and dresses down reporters on live TV.  It’s been a non-stop assault to discredit the media since day one of his presidency.  And yet, he can go on twitter and can say whatever he wants and isn’t held to account.

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When reporters ask the White House questions about his tweets, Press Secretary Sean Spicer or his deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders routinely dodge the question by simply saying “the President’s tweets speak for themselves,” or, “this is just the President speaking directly to the American people.” And then they move on.

One day, the President will be held accountable, either by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, by Congress, or by the voters in 2020.

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