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“Gays for Trump” Just Tried To Hold A Rally And It Backfired In The Best Way

“Gays for Trump” Just Tried To Hold A Rally And It Backfired In The Best Way

There are some combinations of words that you just don’t expect to see together because they are deemed inherently contradictory. They are called oxymorons and traditionally include terms like “jumbo shrimp”, “military intelligence”, “educational television”, and “business ethics”.

It seems the latest addition to the world of oxymorons is “Gays For Trump”.

While there have been a scarce few notable homosexuals who have tried to resolve the inherent self-hatred that surely must be involved in dedicating their political efforts to the leader of a party hell-bent on restricting their freedoms, they have been mostly people like the scandal-plagued Milo Yiannopolous, who wore out his welcome amongst Republicans when it was revealed that he had endorsed paedophilia, and tech entrepreneur and PayPal founder Peter Thiel, who was so incensed by Gawker Media’s public outing of his sexuality that he funded Hulk Hogan’s successful invasion of privacy lawsuit against Gawker that effectively bankrupted the media site.

Still, someone believed that there were sufficient numbers of gay Trump supporters to create an organization and web page with that name. In fact, the organization even scheduled a rally this weekend in Washington D.C. to gather their like-minded compatriots together for a Trumpian love-fest.

Judging by this photo posted on Twitter by Michael Patrick Key, turnout was somewhat less than they had anticipated:

After seeing this photo, Twitter response was predictably hilarious.

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Apparently, the LGBTQ community either has better sense than to publicly support a President who doesn’t even bother to mention Pride month in his voluminous number of tweets, or they all have something better to do on a sunny summer holiday weekend. In all fairness, there were almost as many people in attendance as were at Trump’s inauguration, at least if you use the same means to measure crowds that the President himself does.

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