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WARNING: You Can’t Unsee This 1994 Poster Of Donald Trump

WARNING: You Can’t Unsee This 1994 Poster Of Donald Trump

Even with his dismal approval ratings, Donald Trump can still count on his biggest fan to lift him up: Donald Trump. While we as a general public may not comprehend the extent to which the President adores himself, this poster from Trump’s 1994 birthday offers a decent indication.

“Embark on a Birthday Adventure Of The Wildest Kind….Starring Donald J. Trump…Discover a Lion’s Share of Dinner, Dancing and Untamed Excitement…Saturday July 23, 1994… 8 P.M. Crystal Ballroom”

The poster depicts Trump and Marla Maples as Tarzan and Jane. While the image of Marla Maples is not terribly off base, the likeness to Trump is, to put it mildly, generous. The fact that Trump actually perceives himself as resembling even somewhat a chiseled and handsome man is evidence enough of his utter disillusionment.

This is not the first time that the President has gone to ridiculous lengths to stroke his own ego. The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold reported that Trump had hung phony TIME magazine covers from March 1, 2009 in multiple golf clubs. In reality, Kate Winslet – not Trump – was on the cover.

In the meantime, this image of the President in a loincloth offers at least a semblance of a glimpse into his self-absorption. For those of us rooted in reality, however, the image is something else altogether, in a word Trump himself can appreciate: sad.

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