A White Supremacist Writer Just Said Nazis Were Socialists And Got Owned By A Historian

One of the biggest misconceptions among ignorant Americans – and one of the more pernicious mistruths propagated by the right-wing – is the conflation of “Nazis” with “socialists” because the Nazi Party is officially named “the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.”

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the Nazi Germany knows that the Nazis sent Communists to the death camps and knew that socialism was the biggest threat to their regime – so they tried to co-opt the language and labels of socialism.

Ian Miles Cheong, an alt-right “journalist” for the Daily Caller who spends his days complaining about why feminism is bad and about “ethics” in video games journalism, recently declared that Nazism was in fact socialism even though as he should know better, having once proclaimed that Hitler was his “fucking idol.”

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History buff and educator Mike Stuchbery made a name for himself by using history to silence InfoWars editor Paul Joseph “Prison Planet” Watson over his ridiculous assertion that Roman-era Britannia was not ethnically diverse. Stuchbery took to Twitter once again to set the record straight and give Cheong the owning he deserves.

So the next time your conservative uncle goes on a Facebook rant about how Nazis and socialists are one and the same, send him this.

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