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Dozens Of Obama Veterans Just Made A Major Move To Stop Trump’s Agenda

Dozens Of Obama Veterans Just Made A Major Move To Stop Trump’s Agenda

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If there’s one silver lining to the horrendous debacle that has been the Trump administration, it’s been a huge jolt in the arm for American political activism, interest, and participation.

A host of new candidates are gearing up to run for office in 2018 and 2020 in response to the Trump victory and his agenda of white supremacy, including at least two dozen veterans of the Obama administration ready to lead a centrist charge against fascism – and sometimes against each other.

“What drew them to the Obama world are the same qualities that make them want to run for office. But their participation is accelerated as the Obama diaspora moved home — more so since some would’ve stayed under a Democratic administration — and with Obama’s call to action in their heads, it drove people to run earlier than they would’ve otherwise” said former Obama consultant Erik Smith on the deluge of new runs.

Sam Jammal, for instance, is just 35 and is still paying off his student loans – but is running for Congress anyway, looking to unseat Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA). The former Commerce Department staffer has been spurred to action by witnessing the absolute trainwreck that just six months of Trump has been.

“It sunk in during those days and weeks after the election — this isn’t good. So I had to ask: What am I going to do about it?”

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While we welcome his run and support his campaign against Royce, we’d like to encourage everybody to run, at every level – state Senate, school board, Representative, Senate. We need the next generation of leftist politicians to begin making a name for themselves and leading the charge to take back our country from the corrupt grifters and scheming white supremacists of the modern Republican Party.

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Original reporting by Elena Schneider @ POLITICO

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