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The Idiot In This Picture Just Got What He Deserves

The Idiot In This Picture Just Got What He Deserves

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Yet another staunch defender of the Confederacy is learning the hard way why the Ku Klux Klan wears hoods.

Allen Armentrout, of Penescola, Florida, became a viral sensation after a reporter snapped a photograph of a woman giving him the middle finger while he stands there, dressed in a Confederate uniform and waving a traitorous flag. Social media users flocked to the image to mock Armentrout.

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The image spread, his identity was revealed, and now Pensacola Christian College has kicked Armentrout out, preventing him from finishing his senior year, reports The Pensacola News Journal.

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“Pensacola Christian College recognizes the dignity and value of all people, and we respect the history of America. We encourage individuals to exercise discernment and seek to build reconciliation, especially during a time of mourning like Charlottesville is experiencing,” the school said in an official statement.

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An innocent woman was murdered when a white supremacist ran her over with his car, tragically demonstrating the danger of events dedicated to hatred.

Armentrout’s stupid decision to play dress-up as one of the soldiers who murdered Americans to defend the institution of slavery is perfectly reasonable justification for his school to remove him from their roster. It’s an indefensible act, and his inane rationale for doing it reveals the hollow core of all neo-confederates.

The Confederate cosplayer told The Pensacola News Journal that he visited Charlottesville because the KKK and their Neo-Nazi allies are misrepresenting the reality of the Civil War and he wanted to share the “real history.”

Armentrout is either lying or deeply, deeply misinformed. Defenders of the Confederate flag say that the Civil War was not about slavery, but about “states’ rights.” The only “right” the Confederacy was fighting for was the right of slave owners to own and kill black people. The southern states explicitly stated when they seceded that they were doing it to defend their “peculiar institution” of slavery.

Anyone who defends the Confederacy is explicitly defending the acts of treason and murder to protect slavery. Armentrout decided to clothe himself in hatred, and now he’s paid the price.

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