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Republican Senator Just Got Asked If Trump Will Be Nominee In 2020. Her Response Is Telling

Republican Senator Just Got Asked If Trump Will Be Nominee In 2020. Her Response Is Telling

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Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has been called the Senate’s one moderate Republican, and unlike her GOP colleagues, she has on occasion taken actual action against some of the worst conservative ideas.

She was the first NO vote on Trumpcare and openly did not vote for her Party’s nominee last November. To date however, these personal stands have left her largely isolated within her party.

That may be about to change. (Video below.)

In an MSNBC interview today, Collins was asked when her party’s “concerned” talk over the president’s misdeeds will translate into actions to contain him. Collins first evaded the question, talking about how she opposed Trump last year.

The interviewer pressed on however, asking if Trump would regain the support of his Party in 2020 in his quest for re-election.

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It’s too difficult to say,” Collins said.

Even for a senator who is no fan of her party’s president, this should have been an easy “yes.” Trump won the Republican nomination without Collins’ support and, at least in theory, he could do it again. With her inside view of the workings of the Republican Party, the fact that she is not sure of that support just eight months into this presidency spells trouble for Trump.

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And that is very good news for the rest of us.

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