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The Daily Show Just Gave White Supremacists Hilariously Valuable Advice [WATCH]

The Daily Show Just Gave White Supremacists Hilariously Valuable Advice [WATCH]

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On the heels of several weeks of civil unrest after white supremacy rallies in both Charlottesville and Boston, The Daily Show weighed in with some hilarious advice (video below).

In a conversation with host Trevor Noah, correspondent Roy Wood Jr. explains in tongue-in-cheek fashion why racist groups need to be more discreet during the Trump administration.

“I don’t understand why you say that white supremacists are messing up,” Noah said.

“Because they are. They’ve got a man on the inside, but all the stupid shit they’re doing is only bringing heat on them. Trump’s trying to give them the hookup. This is not how you treat a hookup,” Wood explains. “White supremacists need to learn that by reeking havoc, they’re only going to hurt their own cause. See, black people, we learned that a long time ago. We learned that lesson with O.J. O.J. went free, black people went crazy, so white people locked his ass up again. That’s why when O.J. got out this time and got paroled, black people were chill. They were like, ‘O.J. is out,’ we were like, ‘Who?’ But on the inside, we were like, ‘The Juice is loose! The Juice is loose!’”

Roy Wood Jr. then turns his attention to the screen and speaks directly to the white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

“Let me give you some advice. You, the genius master race—comes courtesy of Dr. Martin Luther King… What Dr. King always said, ‘Keep your eyes on the prize.’ You’ve got Donald Trump in the White House. He’s got Jeff Sessions by his side. You want Confederate monuments? Jeff Sessions is a living Confederate monument. Play it cool! Play it cool!”

Watch the entire segment below:

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