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The Antisemitic Jerk That Trump Retweeted This Morning Just Got What He Deserves

The Antisemitic Jerk That Trump Retweeted This Morning Just Got What He Deserves

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During this morning’s Twitter tantrum, President Trump retweeted a graphic from an openly antisemitic fan of his, Jerry Travone. Although Trump tried to reward the man’s despicable behavior, it has already backfired in a big way.

The meme was a reversed ripoff of this graphic that went viral on the day of the solar eclipse:

The late attempt at cleverness was not what Travone’s problem however. Trump’s retweet brought attention to Travone’s other recent tweets — attention that a responsible president, or even adult, would have shown personally before touting his work — including this one form four days ago:

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Hours after Trump’s retweet, Travone returned to Twitter to complain that his online T-shirt shop, hosted by Pro Wrestling Tees, had been hacked by leftists:

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But it wasn’t hacked by leftists. It was hacked by Karma.

Pro Wrestling Tees didn’t want to be associated with a professed bigot and exercised its First Amendment right to end their relationship. It’s a sad day when Pro Wrestling Tees is providing the moral leadership and extolling the justice that the President of the United States lacks.

Nevertheless, justice was served.

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