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Trump Just Retweeted An Anti-Obama Eclipse Meme, And It’s PATHETIC

Trump Just Retweeted An Anti-Obama Eclipse Meme, And It’s PATHETIC

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President Trump’s obsessive, all-consuming hatred for his black predecessor was put on display today when the pathetic predator took to Twitter and retweeted a very poorly made meme which showed him “eclipsing” an artificially darkened President Obama.

It goes without saying that this is really just tremendously sad.

The President of the United States is so desperately in need of self-affirmation and so driven to overshadow his extraordinarily successful predecessor that he is publicly retweeting an image of him literally overshadowing the man whose successes he is currently passing off as his own.

European officials have noted that Trump hates President Obama so much that manipulating him is easy – just tell him President Obama would have done it and watch him take the opposite action.

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This retweet is yet another example of how our President is too immature to hold the office that he does; instead of busying himself with affairs of state, he’s on the internet looking at memes that make him look good.

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