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Trump’s Babysitter Just Took Drastic Measures To Cut Him Off Of Fake News

Trump’s Babysitter Just Took Drastic Measures To Cut Him Off Of Fake News

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Trump’s new Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, just clamped down on conspiracy theory news reports being handed to America’s maniacal President.

Earlier this year, Trump administration staffers were caught infamously handing literally fake news items to the President, whose naive gullibility is only matched by his impulsive anger.

To deal with that, the President’s babysitter in all but name has instituted an information screening system previously used by previous administrations to cut down on internal competition but now being used to prevent his more conniving aides from slipping InfoWars into the President’s morning documents.

The system “is designed to ensure that the president won’t see any external policy documents, internal policy memos, agency reports and even news articles that haven’t been vetted,” according to POLITICO.

It’s particularly bad news for conspiracy theorist/performer Alex Jones and racist Holocaust denier Chuck C. Johnson, both of whom have been specifically excised from Donald Trump’s reading viewing list. Axios’ Johnathan Swift writes that “John Kelly cuts down on Infowars, Charles Johnson stories”:

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Kelly is simply instituting normal White House procedures; but that’s a big step from the early freewheeling days of the Trump Administration. In those early, messy, months, Oval Office visitors had no trouble sliding mischievous documents onto the president’s desk. Some of these documents were news stories from controversial sources — including one by the internet provocateur Charles Johnson, accusing former deputy chief of staff, Katie Walsh, of leaking.

Extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist Chuck C. Johnson recently surfaced in London as the broker of a controversial meeting between Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Putin’s favorite Republican congressman, Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).

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Unfortunately, today’s reporting about the Oval Office information clamp down – reported in Politico – mentions nothing about clamping down on Fox News, which has been a consistent source of false news reports used by Trump for political purposes.

Fox News had become a de facto state-run propaganda outlet that runs fake news stories originating in the White House itself, brought to light when a lawsuit revealed that the most dubious lies in their retracted Seth Rich murder-conspiracy story came straight from the President’s office.

In Trump’s America, firing a massive chunk of the top White House to shut off the flow of swamp fever stories written by performers selling snake oil supplements to the President is what passes for major progress in the administration of our federal government.

We can all concluded that regardless of these changes, nothing can stop President Trump from getting his conspiracies in late night phone calls, direct from the sources or in his endless time on Twitter.

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