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An LGBTQ Army Vet Just Responded To Trump’s Transgender Ban With 27 Brutal Tweets

An LGBTQ Army Vet Just Responded To Trump’s Transgender Ban With 27 Brutal Tweets

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On the heels of Trump’s quietly signed executive order instructing the Department of Defense to stop allowing transgender Americans to serve in the U.S. military, genderqueer Army veteran Charles Clymer issued a lengthy and scathing rebuke of the President’s controversial move.

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Trump’s executive order contains three major guidelines:

The Pentagon and Department of Defense have been directed to ban the enlistment of new transgender personnel. Government funds are no longer to be used for sex reassignment surgery. And finally, Secretary of Defense James Mattis will be responsible for determining the fates of current transgender personnel serving in the military.

Mattis is expected to determine the fates of those currently serving by their “impact on military effectiveness, lethality, unit cohesion and impact on budgetary resources.” In other words, a slew of subjective factors will most likely serve as justification to discharge current personnel who use funds for transgender-related healthcare.

Clymer’s biting condemnation of a President who sought five deferments to dodge the Vietnam draft – four for education and one for medical because of “temporary bone spurs” – makes plain and clear the distinction between the many transgender Americans that honorably served and continue to serve this country and a petty man not even “fit to judge” those heroes.



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