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Trump Just Tweeted About Hurricane Harvey And Humiliated Himself

Trump Just Tweeted About Hurricane Harvey And Humiliated Himself

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As Hurricane Harvey prepares to make landfall in Texas, officials have warned of “catastrophic” flooding and “life-threatening” winds that could leave areas of South Texas “uninhabitable for weeks or months.” In a tweet to the nation, Trump described Harvey as a “Class 3.”

Hurricanes, of course, are classified into categories, not “classes.”

More tellingly, Trump had changed the language from a correct initial tweet to the inaccurate proceeding tweet. He also removed the phrase “BE SAFE!”

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If Trump was truly “monitoring the path and doings of Hurricane Harvey” from Camp David as well as he claimed, perhaps he would be able to accurately convey even rudimentary information about this natural disaster.

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While poor messaging has plagued the Trump administration since its outset, the fact that the President of the United States doesn’t know the most basic vocabulary surrounding the most pressing issue facing the nation today is a testament to his overall unpreparedness for the office he holds. It seems that in his haste to “talk directly to the American people,” Trump is destined to humiliate himself every time he posts an unvetted tweet.

Insofar as Trump’s tweets are “official statements,” per the White House, Trump is not only embarrassing himself, but decimating the credibility of the office of the Presidency. Already, Trump has garnered a reputation as the least honest President in United States history.

If Trump is going to represent this nation by tweeting every fleeting thought that crosses his mind, he should perhaps take care to give the impression that he understands a fraction of what he is talking about.

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