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Scott Baio’s Wife Just Attacked A Sandy Hook Victim’s Mom On Twitter

Scott Baio’s Wife Just Attacked A Sandy Hook Victim’s Mom On Twitter

Days ago, the vile, out-of-work actor Scott Baio retweeted an image suggesting that a Sandy Hook victim’s mother was the same woman as Heather Heyer’s mother; in effect, that they were both played by an actor. The tweet links to a website that reads, “Sandy Hook was fake. Any questions?”

Today, Renee Baio, Scott’s wife, tweeted that she is recovering from surgery. Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose daughter Ana was killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy, struck back at Renee for having defended her husband’s abhorrent suggestion that the tragedy was perpetuated by actors. Renee’s response is, frankly, disgusting.


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Baio’s vile words are beyond comprehension. To first label the mother of a mass shooting as an actor and then suggest that another woman’s deceased daughter is “in a better place” is perhaps the lowest that this already disgusting family has managed to go.

Renee Baio has since deleted the tweets and made her Twitter account private. Unfortunately for her, her hateful, trashy rhetoric will live forever on the internet. It seems that, while Scott will likely never work again, his wife is getting enough press for the both of them.

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