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Plans For Charlottesville Racist Rally Just Leaked And Show Intent For Violent Car Attacks

Plans For Charlottesville Racist Rally Just Leaked And Show Intent For Violent Car Attacks

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The white supremacists who planned events leading to Heather Heyer’s murder in Charlottesville, Virginia at their “Unite the Right” hate demonstration just got caught abetting their followers’ discussions in how to use vehicles in homicidal attacks.

Leaked information first obtained by Unicorn Riot (UR) could add fuel to the massive civil lawsuit already against the right’s top purveyors of hate.

Before publishing the confirmed leak, UR asked Charlottesville organizers why they didn’t remove material plainly inciting violence at their rally. Their response was revealing. As UR reports:

When we contacted alt-right organizer Eli Mosley for comment regarding the many statements encouraging violence on a server he helped manage, he told us that he had always advised others against violence. While some past statements by Mosley exist to support his assertion, Discord [a chat service for gamers]posts made by Mosley make it clear that he had the technical ability, and internal authority, to ban users from the Charlottesville 2.0 chat server. When we asked Mosley why he did not ban Unite The Right attendees who made posts to incite violence in the Discord server, such as encouraging people to run down counter-protesters with their cars, he did not respond.

The chilling leaks reveal insidious planning to incite violence and target young men without explicitly using overt fascist symbols like swastikas. Rather, the white terrorists repeatedly instilled hate in their targets and some specifically posted material about driving their cars through crowds of counter-protesters.

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The massive data dump, which includes hundreds of screen shots, voice messages and images could prove very useful in a civil lawsuit by anti-racism demonstrators. Injured peaceful protesters filed suit against Charlottesville’s fascist rally organizers and a vast array of America’s most insipid white supremacists who were involved in the “Unite the Right” rally.

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Twenty years ago, another American Nazi group was virtually extinguished in a civil lawsuit verdict for $6.3 million dollars that forced them to forfeit their Idaho compound.

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It should be clear to any judge that Trump’s “alt-right” Nazi supporters intended violence based on the records of the secret conversations. Here, UR how organizers tried to hide their violent intent:

In one message, Unite The Right attendee and Connecticut-based white supremacist organizer Chris Liguria, a prolific participant in the Charlottesville 2.0 Discord chats, explained the high value and sensitivity of the server’s contents:

“This discord is for closed top super secret communications intended for the elite inner circle of the alt-right. Please do not distribute widely.”

Trump supporter Jason Kessler went to great lengths to explain in the Discord chat rooms that he does not share a goal of fostering a racial genocide.

Rather his priority was to avoid his mindless followers giving MSNBC a really viral video from his troops admitting that insurrection and mass murder is their ultimate goal. Wired reports:

“Going up to, like, MSNBC and them interviewing you and you saying like, ‘Yeah, I actually think we should kill every nonwhite on the planet’ … like, again, I don’t necessarily like have an issue with listening to that on a podcast or whatever, but if you are gonna do something like that, even if it’s your true belief, that’s not the objective of this rally.”

Ultimately, a member of the hate group Vanguard America, James Alex Fields, was arrested for 2nd-degree murder for killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 other people.

White nationalists used Discord’s chat service later to share memes celebrating the crime in a way one could imagine is analogous to the way terrorist groups ISIS or Hamas celebrate dead Americans.

According to Forbes, Discord terminated the racists’ accounts following the revelation of their use in Heather Hayer’s murder in Charlottesville.

Here are photos showing racists planning to drive cars into counter-protesters:

For the complete leaked data set, please visit Unicorn Riot’s website.

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