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Mike Pence Just Tweeted And Quickly Deleted A Photo That May Anger Trump

Mike Pence Just Tweeted And Quickly Deleted A Photo That May Anger Trump

The rumors of a secret Vice-President Mike Pence campaign to oust Trump and take the presidency for himself have been slowly building as the Donald Trump presidency continues to flail from one crisis to another and establishment Republicans slowly acknowledge that the long-awaited Trump “pivot” isn’t ever going to happen.

Which makes it very curious that Mike Pence’s official account is tweeting out pictures of him looking rather presidential…and then quickly deleting them.

In stark contrast to most of the pictures of President Trump, who is usually golfing, watching television, or signing things he hasn’t read, Pence is reading and communicating with lawmakers the way one usually expects the President to.

So why would Pence, or his staff, delete this Tweet? The only reasonable explanation is that they wish to soothe the President’s paranoid mind, which is constantly watching for challenges to his tenuous grasp on power. Trump’s hypersensitive ego desperately seeks affirmation that he is still the Most Presidential Man In Washington and would not take kindly to any perceived threat from his running mate.

It’s all for the better. The Republican Party does not deserve to transition back into normalcy by impeaching Trump and replacing him with Pence, and it would be the worst thing possible for this nation.

President Trump’s incompetence, laziness, and utter uninterest in working on any aspect of the Republican Party’s agenda beyond sending a few tweets has been a surprise boon for the American people. A competent Republican President, especially a devious religious extremist like Mike Pence, would be able to inflict much more damage on this nation than Trump.

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If you think that Mike Pence wouldn’t have done the exact same appalling things that Trump has done, you are sorely mistaken. Trump IS modern conservatism, the embodiment of nihilistic plutocracy, unabashed racism, and Christan ethnonationalism.

What he’s done is to expose it all for what it really is. He openly acknowledges his racism rather than dressing it up in the hoods of “family values” or “national security” like normal Republicans do and forcing the American people to reckon with what this morally defunct circus of ghouls really has in store for this nation.

We can’t allow Pence to take over and slip the hoods back on the racist and sexist policies of modern conservatism. We cannot allow people to go back to forgetting about the suffering of the working class and the persecution of minorities because it’s not in their face and forcing them to acknowledge it.

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