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Ivanka And Trump Just Announced Plans To End Obama’s Equal Pay For Women Rules

Ivanka And Trump Just Announced Plans To End Obama’s Equal Pay For Women Rules

First Daughter Ivanka Trump was supposed to be a “moderating force” on this administration – or at least that’s what the mainstream media said when they fell over themselves trying to excuse President Trump’s unethical decision to give his daughter a top White House job.

Like her father, she has abandoned the promises she made on the campaign trail. All of her talk of empowering women and helping American families has proven to be nothing but insubstantial feel-rhetoric designed to fill media puff pieces and sugarcoat her public image.

That much was made clear on Tuesday when it was revealed that not only was Ivanka Trump not fighting her father’s plot to scrap equal-pay rules passed by President Obama which force companies to publicly disclose how much they pay women and minorities, she was spearheading the charge against it.

“Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results. We look forward to continuing to work with EEOC, [the Office of Management and Budget], Congress and all relevant stakeholders on robust policies aimed at eliminating the gender wage gap” said Ivanka in a statement. 

Having that data makes it much easier for the government to track pay discrimination between men and women and would make it easier to punish companies that continued to pay women less than men simply based on gender.

But Ivanka Trump has preferred to enjoy the trappings of power rather than spend any effort reining in her father’s more destructive impulses.

The idea that she was to be an empowering defender of women was laughable to begin with, for what has Ivanka done her entire life but enable her father and his misogynistic ways?

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She certainly has never stood up for the women who toil in Chinese sweatshops to make the overpriced shoes and clothes that are sold under the Ivanka Trump brand.

All Ivanka has brought to the White House is her toxic brand of materialist and self-centered vision of bourgeois feminism that exists as an enabler of white male supremacy – and nothing proves that more than this stunning betrayal of American working women.



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