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‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Just Got Asked About Trump’s North Korea Tweet. His Response Is Perfect

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Just Got Asked About Trump’s North Korea Tweet. His Response Is Perfect

The few adults remaining in the White House are getting fed up with Trump’s incompetent, free-wheeling, hothead approach to the presidency. He constantly makes comments and tweets out policy changes that blindside the rest of the government, without bothering to consult his advisors.

This morning, in the wake of another North Korean missile test, which soared over Japan, Trump took to Twitter to amp up his dangerous rhetoric:

As anyone with even cursory knowledge of the Korean situation understands, diplomacy -as difficult and ineffective as it seems at times – is the only viable option. Any kind of military action would lead to the destruction of Seoul and large swathes of Japan before the U.S. could successfully knock out North Korean military installations.

Now, Defense Secretary Mattis has directly refuted Trump’s ignorant tweet. After meeting with South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-Moo, Mattis was asked by the Military Times if “we are out of diplomatic solutions for North Korea.”

“No,” replied Mattis. “We’re never out of diplomatic solutions. We continue to work together and the minister and I share responsibility to provide for the protection of our nation, our population, and our interests, which is what we are here to discuss today. And look for all the areas we can collaborate – there is already very strong collaboration, we always look for more, we are never complacent.”

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Mattis’s comments are reassuring. It’s crucial that the administration prevent the North Korean situation from escalating into all-out war. The results would be disastrous, and millions could die. Trump is an incompetent commander-in-chief but – at least for now – his cabinet is trying to restrain his bloodthirsty urges.

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