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MSNBC Just Humiliated Trump By Fact-Checking His Tax Speech Live On Air

MSNBC Just Humiliated Trump By Fact-Checking His Tax Speech Live On Air

Trump gave a speech in Missouri today in which he peddled his proposed tax reform. Not surprisingly, his ideas consist largely of inordinate tax cuts for the super wealthy, and spending cuts across the board to pay for them. One of the most prominent features of his plan is cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%.

During the speech, he praised President Regan’s tax reforms. Reagan is often described as the president who crushed the middle class, so it’s appropriate that our current president – with his disdain for everyone but the uber wealthy – would invoke his memory.

Ironically, Trump in the past slammed Reagan’s tax policy as disastrous. MSNBC, unwilling to let the stunning flip-flop go unmentioned, ran a chyron calling out the president:

Every Republican president since Reagan has peddled supply-side economics, and every time it’s been proven that the so-called “trickle down” never occurs. Cutting the taxes for the rich only helps the rich, and does nothing to raise the wages of the working class.

Of course, Trump doesn’t actually care about the working class. He bamboozled people into voting for him but is interested only in helping himself and his cronies in the 1%. With that fact in mind, it makes sense that Trump would reverse his public opinion on Reagan’s policies. Trump is a Republican politician now and so he has to sell Republican lies.

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