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President Trump Just Got Devastating News From A FOX News Poll

President Trump Just Got Devastating News From A FOX News Poll

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We rarely report on polls because they’re fickle and fleeting and tend to be ideologically driven one way or the other.  We also rarely cover anything that FOX News reports because they’re a Republican propaganda machine disguised as a news agency.

When FOX News releases the results of a poll that puts the President in the worst possible light, however, we’ll make an exception.

That’s the case today, with a new FOX News Poll showing that “voter satisfaction with the direction of the nation is down by double digits, as a majority says President Donald Trump is tearing the country apart.”

The level of deterioration alone should concern supporters of the President.  The real worry, however, is how rapidly the deterioration is occurring.  More from Fox News:

The number of voters happy with how things are going in the country is down 10 percentage points since April and stands at just 35 percent. It hasn’t been that low since 2013. At the same time, dissatisfaction jumped to 64 percent – an 11-point increase.

There’s more bad news.  Often times, a drop in approval can be tied to an over arching issue that’s to some degree at least out of a president’s control, like an unpopular war, or a poor economy.  But FOX’s polling didn’t reveal any such issue that might be dragging Trump’s poll numbers down.  In fact, it revealed just the opposite.

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“Positive views on the economy are higher than in more than a decade,” the polling reveals, according to FOX’s on analysis.  “36 percent say it is in either ‘excellent’ (6 percent) or ‘good’ (30 percent) shape. The last time conditions were rated this positively was August 2004.”

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This suggests that respondents’ negative assessments of the current state of affairs are almost entirely the result of Trump’s poor performance.

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Unlike most other polls, however, Trump’s poor approval rating remains above 40% – barely.  41% of respondents still approve of his job performance “overall,” but 55% registered their disapproval, a record high for this poll.

Even that sliver of a silver lining, though, shouldn’t give the President and his supporters any comfort.  His presidency has been a failure thus far, no meaningful legislative or policy victories to point to.  With congress coming back into session next week, and the media starting to ramp down its coverage of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, his problems will be back under the microscope again soon.

You can read the entire set of results from this latest FOX News poll here.

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