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Trump Just Said He Saw Harvey Devastation ‘Firsthand,’ Immediately Got Exposed

Trump Just Said He Saw Harvey Devastation ‘Firsthand,’ Immediately Got Exposed

Yesterday, in the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Trump made a trip to the Lone Star State. He showcased his trademark dearth of compassion and failed to meet with any of the actual victims of the disaster. The only thing he actually did was stage photo ops to make himself appear “presidential.”

The lack of meaningful engagement with the flooded region didn’t stop our liar-in-chief from taking to Twitter to brag about his trip, saying he braved the disaster zone and witnessed firsthand the “horror & devastation.”

Andrew Beatty of French news agency Agence France-Presse quickly took to Twitter to refute the president’s claim:

Of course Trump – a silver spoon goon who has never faced any real adversity his entire life – would shy away from confronting tragedy face-to-face. He has no interest in helping the people of Texas, he just wants to give the appearance of helping. In fact, according to another reporter, the only time Trump got wet during his visit was when he disembarked Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews.

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At this point, any Trump tweet or statement is just as likely to be true as false. He has completely divorced himself from reality and says whatever he feels like. His diehard supporters, in turn, swallow whatever he spews without scrutiny. This latest lie disrespects the people suffering in Texas.

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