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A Republican Lawmaker Just Called For The Lynching Of Confederate Statue Vandalizers

A Republican Lawmaker Just Called For The Lynching Of Confederate Statue Vandalizers

Racists across the country are digging in their heels to defend Confederate statues and flags, which have come under attack recently as patriotic Americans take steps to remove the monuments to glorified traitors and slaveholders.

The men who fought for the Confederacy murdered and died to protect the abominable institution of slavery. They should be hated and sneered at, not given immortalization. Claiming them as spart of southern “heritage” is simply whitewashing their heinous crimes.

As the debate rages over the statues, more and more bigots are crawling out from under their rocks and flocking to the defense of the Confederacy. Now, an elected lawmaker has taken the conversation to a disgusting new low.

Missouri State Representative Warren Love (R) shared an article on Facebook about the vandalization of a Confederate statue and said, “This is totally against the law. I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope.” 

The vile statement is a clear call for lynching and as such supercharged with a racist subtext. There is no way to interpret it other than as an urging to hang and murder people of color.

“That was an exaggerated statement that, you know, a lot of times is used in the western world when somebody does a crime or commits theft,” Love said when asked about the comments, reports The Hill. “That’s just a western term and I’m very much a western man. … You know, I wear a coat. You know, I dress western. And, you know, I’m the cowboy of the Capitol.”
Love should resign. Not only did he make overt calls for racist violence, he remains unrepentant. A man like this has no place in government.

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