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Special Counsel Mueller Just Joined Forces With A Major Fraud Unit In The Trump-Russia Investigation

Special Counsel Mueller Just Joined Forces With A Major Fraud Unit In The Trump-Russia Investigation

In yet more bad news for President Trump, the Daily Beast is now reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has teamed up with the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigations Unit as part of his investigation into Donald Trump, his campaign team, their alleged collusion with agents of the Russian Federation, and any financial crimes that they may have discovered in the process.

Most notably, Daily Beast writer Betsy Woodruff points out, is that “it goes without saying that the IRS has access to Trump’s tax returns.”

Donald Trump has fought tooth and nail to prevent the public from seeing the contents of his tax returns, prompting many to suspect that they contain not only evidence of tax evasion but also records of suspected business connections to the Russian Federation that might lead to the uncovering of the “compromising personal and financial information” that the Russians are suspected to be blackmailing the President with, as alleged in the now infamous Steele Dossier.

Former IRS investigator Martin Shiel spoke of Mueller’s respect for the IRS criminal unit, saying that “IRS special agents are the very best in the business of conducting financial investigations. They will quickly tell you that it took an accountant to nab Al Capone, and it’s true.”

Complicating matters for Trump is the fact that the Special Counsel’s probe needs approval from the Justice Department’s Tax Division head – a position that Trump has not yet filled for no apparent reason.

“The fact that there is not a Senate-confirmed Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, and that the Trump people have disregarded it despite warnings as far back as December that they needed to fill the AAG’s spot… shows what a self-created mess the Trump administration has found itself in. They have no one to keep Mueller and his Brooklyn team honest. They should be concerned about that” said a former prosecutor familiar with the subject.

They could have picked any two people in the world, and they picked nobody.”

We should be grateful that Trump’s astounding incompetence is making the job of Special Counsel Mueller much easier. While it may take some months, the President’s luck is going to run out sooner rather than later – and his racist little house of cards is going to come crashing down around his tiny little hands.

Original reporting by Betsy Woodruff @ Daily Beast

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